Kenko Precision is a unique magnetic grounding and massage set for total mind and body balance.

A Precision Sphere and a Precision Wand – used separately or jointly, providing a feeling of overall wellness and relaxation.

Stress is a major cause of virtually every discomfort we encounter and depletes our energy.
Grounding and magnetic massage are effective and natural ways to help counteract stress:

Kenko Precision® Set helps to:

  • Stimulate local blood flow
  • Reduces muscle tension
  • Reduces feelings of stress, anxiety and discomfort
  • Produces a sense of overallwellness & relaxation

Features Nikken Technologies in the Kenko Precision

  • Kenko Precision from NikkenGrounding: beneficial reconnection with Earth for balanced energy.
  • Neodymium Magnets: Powerful 2,500+ gauss for depth of penetration.
  • Ceramic Reflective Silicone: creates a warming effect that helps soothe and relax muscles.
  • Ceramic Reflective Tourmaline Resin: creates a calming effect like those found in natural environments.

Massage away
tension and reset and calm the mind with
the latest innovative technology from
Nikken. It delivers both grounding effects
and magnetic energy for a feeling of
overall wellness and relaxation.
The ground provides an energy transfer
that we can sense even if we are not
consciously aware of it. Based on the
discovery that “grounding” can lead to
Active Wellness, the Kenko Precision Set
allows us to reach virtually every part of
the outer body.
We believe this active grounding
massage set takes energy management
to a new level. This patent pending,
innovative technology is designed for
total body balancing. It incorporates
precision grounding, magnetic flux
energy, ceramic reflective silicone and
tourmaline resin. Active grounding
massage helps the body maintain
the balance of its natural energy and
harmony with nature.
• The Precision Sphere is portable and
plugs into a grounding outlet to provide
more than a traditional magnetic
massage as we roll it wherever we want
relief. It reconnects us to Earth to help
rebalance our own natural energy. When
exposed to heat or motion, the tourmaline
resin generates negative ions that are
similar to those found in Nature.
• The Precision Wand also plugs into a
grounding outlet and provides the same
grounding and magnetic massage effects
as the sphere, but through targeted or
“single point” area. It also reconnects
us to Earth to help rebalance our own
natural energy.


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